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3 issues with the website
these first two have been bugging me since I found pilight Wink:
1) In the footer of most pages on the website there are one of these two lines:

Quote:Did i miss some great feature of pilight, please let me know.

Quote:Please notice me when you have found typo's or errors on this page.

However, both of them have small mistakes which just would look nicer if they weren't there:

Quote:Did i miss some great feature of pilight, please let me know.
should be:
Quote:Did I miss some great feature of pilight, please let me know.


Quote:Please notice me when you have found typo's or errors on this page.
should be:
Quote:Please notify me when you have found typos or errors on this page.
(I highlighted the changed parts).

Issue 2 is about the dropdown menus on the homepage. I attached screenshots of what they look like for me... Its not very easy to use because once the mouse leaves the title of the menu and gets into the space, the menu closes again. You have to click and drag on the heading down into the menu, there is no other way to get into the menus otherwise. Also, the nightly menu is too narrow, the arrows for sub-menus are in the next line of text, which doesn't look too nice either:

Also, (sort of an Issue 3) the other day when figuring out the nightly I was trying to click my way around the website. However, to get to the pages about the nightly configuration, the links in the dropdown menu work, but the ones on this page do not.

Thanks Smile,

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Thanks for the feedback. It's on my list Smile
Ok very nice Smile

Would make it a lot easier for new users so that they can get into pilight easily Wink
About issue 2, on what browser is this?
Firefox 35.0 for openSUSE 13.2
It is possible for you to check what css fix is needed there? Else i need to install OpenSuse in a virtualmachine to check it...
I'll give it a try (but don't expect too much, I've only messed around with HTML and very basic JavaScript in web development, but I'll try Smile )
Ok, I found the issue. Using NoScript, I only allowed pilight.org scripts, so it did not load the narrower font that the website uses from some google service. This lead to the PayPal entry being in the next line, and the menus were displayed on the line below that.

I would say there are two ways to change this:
1) Change the defined width of the sections from predefined pixels to a percentage of the width of the browser window (which would be a good change anyway, the website takes up about half the width of the window on high resolution screens, so there is a lot of empty space)
2) Change the predefined character spacing to 1px instead of 2px. This change only changes the cookie information bar and the menu, not the actual main content.

I would opt for a combination of both, I think it would make the website look nicer with dynamic width of the content rather than a predefined column, as well as changing the character spacing, it does not look bad either Smile

I will get back with the lines from style.css where these entries are, just decided to post this first.


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