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High cpu usage in 433gpio thread after rpi-update
I did a clean Wheezy install on my Raspberry Pi with nothing but pilight installed. Everything was working fine.
After doing a system update using rip-update to the latest version, pilight starts, but after a few seconds the watchdog recognizes high cpu usage in 433gpio thread and kills the pilight daemon. This is reproducible at every new start of pilight.
The version i'm using is 5.0.

Anyone else having these issues?
Yes, read this:

It's also not recommended to use rpi-update.

This is fixed ages ago in the nightly version of pilight.
Ok, i tried the nightly build and it works now. I like the rules engine!
Can anybody tell me is it possible to downgrade the rpi to work with the current stable of pilight? I have the same problem with 100% cpu load after a rpi update
Another solution would be to install the latest nightly.
(02-07-2015, 07:12 PM)curlymo Wrote: Another solution would be to install the latest nightly.

Same problem with 100% CPU load here.
Upgraded Raspbian from build Dec24 2014 to newest updates (in preparation for SD-Card-transfer to new RaspberryPi 2).
pilight goes to 100% on start.

To upgrade from stable to nightly, can I just "apt-get update && upgrade" after adding these 2 sources
deb http://apt.pilight.org/ development main
deb http://apt.pilight.org/ nightly main

and after manually installing

Do I add both sources or just the nightly one.
Or can I have a 3 sources at the same time in my sources.list?


Hey Guys,

since yesterday I cant start pilight.
Even the new installation has brought no improvement.

What do I do?

[Feb 09 10:01:05:356041] pilight-daemon: ERROR: cpu usage way too high 96.116255
[Feb 09 10:01:05:356310] pilight-daemon: ERROR: checking again in 10 seconds
[Feb 09 10:01:16:358363] pilight-daemon: ERROR: ----- Thread Profiling -----
[Feb 09 10:01:16:358720] pilight-daemon: ERROR: - thread lirc: 0.008544%
[Feb 09 10:01:16:359014] pilight-daemon: ERROR: - thread socket: 0.010911%
[Feb 09 10:01:16:359292] pilight-daemon: ERROR: - thread ssdp: 0.000000%
[Feb 09 10:01:16:359550] pilight-daemon: ERROR: - thread sender: 0.000000%
[Feb 09 10:01:16:359806] pilight-daemon: ERROR: - thread broadcaster: 0.000000%
[Feb 09 10:01:16:360056] pilight-daemon: ERROR: - thread updater: 0.023037%
[Feb 09 10:01:16:360333] pilight-daemon: ERROR: - thread 433gpio: 94.781244%
[Feb 09 10:01:16:360737] pilight-daemon: ERROR: - thread receive parser: 0.005034%
[Feb 09 10:01:16:361038] pilight-daemon: ERROR: - thread webserver worker #0: 0.009467%
[Feb 09 10:01:17:312012] pilight-daemon: ERROR: - thread webserver client: 0.000000%
[Feb 09 10:01:17:312399] pilight-daemon: ERROR: - thread webserver broadcast: 0.000000%
[Feb 09 10:01:17:312663] pilight-daemon: ERROR: - thread firmware upgrader: 0.006055%
[Feb 09 10:01:17:312953] pilight-daemon: ERROR: ----- Thread Profiling -----
[Feb 09 10:01:17:313295] pilight-daemon: ERROR: cpu usage still way too high 94.881569%, exiting
Do you use protocol "cpu_temp" (old: rpi_temp) in your config?
I also have some troubles with high cpu but after removing this protocol (who needs) the other protocols work fine.

If so please confirm my expectation about "cpu_temp" if it helps.
(02-09-2015, 11:56 AM)terrar Wrote: Do you use protocol "cpu_temp" (old: rpi_temp) in your config?
I also have some troubles with high cpu but after removing this protocol (who needs) the other protocols work fine.

If so please confirm my expectation about "cpu_temp" if it helps.
How do you mean?
Where can I change this?

If you show the CPU-Temp in your webgui you have integrated protocol "cpu_temp" in your config.json at "devices" and "gui".
For me it helped removing it and resign to "cpu_temp" in my config.
If you dont use this protocol in your config forget my post.
Then the error is anywhere other where i dont know.

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