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More than one pilight-server in one network
Hi there!!

Didnt find a similar thread, so I started a new one Wink

Is it possible to run more than one pilight-server in one network, so they dont "disturb" each other?
I have a raspberry pi B with a crappy receiver (XY-FST XY-MK-5V) running pilight und a raspberry pi B+ with a real good receiver (RX-4M50RR30SF) running pilight.
When I start pilight-receive on the B+, it receives all the noise from the B - but it receives nothing from itself! When I shutdown the B, the B+ works perfect!

Is there a solution so that both (ore more) pilight-servers dont communicate with each other?

Greetings Smile
There is a disable ssdp option that you can set in your settings, give that a try Smile

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