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Windows Support
I haven't tested the windows version in a while. Try version 7 instead.
I have tried it now with Windows 7. It is the same. It also shows that the DLL libgcc_s_sjlj-1.dll was not found.
libgcc would have to be the "GNU Compiler Collection". Unfortunately, I do not know that. I searched and found the DLL. Then the program continues, but then comes the message "The application could not be started (0xc000007b)".
Not good at all ;-( .
Does anyone have an idea what's wrong?
No, and windows support is currently not the highest priority. Try even older versions.
With which version of Windows were the pilight programs tested ?
Windows 7 / NT / 95 ?
Or am I the first one?
Previously on Windows 7 and 10. But i haven't tested them in a while, and i'm not primarily a windows programmer.
I have now installed pilight-v7.0-win32, which works. Smile
Something is wrong with pilight-v8.0 for Windows.

Thanks for the pilight.
I will now deal with it in detail.
I would like to automatically control a ceiling fan from Westinghouse.
Should be no problem with pilight, as I read.

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