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Config to disable CPU and RAM usage messages in web GUI and websocket
A setting in the config file would be nice, to switch off the display of CPU and RAM usage in the web GUI, and likewise turn off these messages coming every third second over the websocket. I couldn't find an existing setting in the wiki, and I couldn't find anything in the pilight code on github (but my C(++) knowledge covers only the basics).

Here is why I would like to see this feature: I'm currently developing a web app for my own needs, kind of the stuff pimatic does (the main difference is, that my buttons are huge Smile). Currently it includes switching IR devices with LIRC and pilight devices. Other services and information sources to be implemented.

The web app connects through a websocket directly to pilight, just like the pilight web GUI does. I did some sniffing in the developer tools to find out which messages are sent and received. All works well. But the pilight socket sends the CPU and RAM usage every third second. Although it's little traffic - it is unneeded traffic if you don't need this information. If you combine multiple different web sockets and other services in one GUI, you are happy if they only talk as much as they really need.
And for users of the web GUI, it would make the display a bit less geeky if they could disable it.
You need to set this to one:
Can you post your request on the pilight github?

According to these rules:

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