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Flash new Attiny45 gets stuck on make all: No rule to make target
I followed the firmware flash manual (github) and I think something is missing.
The first items seemed to go well, but when I type "make all" the response is
No rule to make target 'all'. Stop.
As far as I can see it finds the make file, but not what 'all' points to.
By the way, that the Attiny45 doesn't response to pulses without being flashed is a pitty, but I can understand that.
Can you eloborate on that last sentence?
(03-07-2015, 12:09 AM)curlymo Wrote: Can you eloborate on that last sentence?

I did try to use a new Attiny45 (bought it myself) without flashing it, it doesn't pass any signal this way.
Ofc, the ATTiny is just a microcontroller that doesn't do anything by default Smile
Ok that's fine, that makes getting it flashed more urgent Angel
The compiling process gets stuck, maybe because it's based on updating an existing flash and not a new/empty one?
Somewhere else I read that defining a path to the files could help, but I'm still a noob.
The manual on the github doesn't show what's needed for 'make' to work properly.
Just search the forum about how to use pilight-flash.
Most topics I found are about flashing a .hex file, not about problems creating this .hex file.
You can get the hex file by installing the package pilight-firmware using apt-get, like so:

sudo apt-get install pilight-firmware

The .hex file will then be found under /etc/pilight.
That was the answer I looked for! Tongue
Flashing worked fine as SU, else it didn't start.
Now I receive data through the Attiny45!!
The cpu load is under 1% and it was 35% without the filter.

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