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Execute python script from Generic Switch?

thank you for a very promising project.

To start simple, I want a generic switch as ON/OFF switch for my AV Receiver.

The Python script that controls the receiver is already there and it works. It can also parse the receiver reply and update the switch status through the pilight API.

The question is, how can I trigger the python script execution (with parameter) when the switch status changes?
See the documentation for the program protocol. That should help you out.
Thank you. I'll try it this weekend.
Any progress on this?
I would like to use something similar.

An imaginary switch (intertechno_old protocol) is already implemented into my config to flip a GPIO pin (relay protocol) by rule.

Now I would like to run the program instead of switching the relay.
The program is already running fine from the gui.

Curious about your suggestions Smile
Just dive into the rules. Switch action has been supported since the beginning.

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