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webgui and nginx

I don't know why and how but the build in webserver seems to block nginx ports after a restart of my raspberry.

Therefore I want to host the webgui with nginx as webserver.
What I've tried so far is simply copy the default folder to the nginx folder and try to load it in my browser but all it does is keep loading and not showing my devices. Other websites are working fine with my nginx configuration.

Is it possible to host the webgui with nginx and if it is, how?

I hope anybody can help me.
Make sure the webgui is not running on port 80, and make a reverse proxy in nginx.
(03-10-2015, 01:44 PM)bazb Wrote: Make sure the webgui is not running on port 80, and make a reverse proxy in nginx.
Thanks for the answer but could you give me an example config or a link to it and does it fix the problem that the page keeps loading or that nginx is blocked by the pilight internal webserver
sudo service pilight stop
"settings": {
        "log-level": 4,
        "pid-file": "/var/run/pilight.pid",
        "log-file": "/var/log/pilight.log",
        "send-repeats": 4,
        "receive-repeats": 1,
        "webserver-enable": 1,
        "webserver-root": "/usr/local/share/pilight/",
        "webserver-port": 8080,
        "webserver-cache": 1,
        "whitelist": "192.168.0.*",
        "firmware-update": 1
sudo service pilight start

server {
            listen  80;
            server_name  domainname.com;
            charset  utf-8;

            location / {
                proxy_read_timeout  300;
                proxy_connect_timeout  300;
                proxy_set_header  Accept-Encoding  "";
                proxy_pass  http://localhost:8080;
sudo service nginx restart

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