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Error message when start of pilight failed.
I think it is a good idea to write the line out when the start from pilight failed.
i always need to have 2 consoles open to read error messages in the error log.

The log entry line should also be shown on the console.

example what i mean.
failed! not a valid json config file
failed! device invalid setting
That would be against how linux works. That's why most programs offer a mode to run in the foreground.
To elaborate Wink, run sudo pilight-daemon -D to see debug output Smile
OK, thanks.
After several re-installations and problems I have a working pilight v6. pilight-receive is working perfect. It’s far away from calling me a programmer but I’m more a man of electronics.
So, my next step is editing the onficg.json and in that stage I’m blocked. I’ve tried many possibilities by editing the “devices”-setup but the – service pilight start – is giving me the reaction [FAIL] and running Sudo pilight-daemon –D gives me the answer ‘Config is not in a valid json format’. I do understand the use of {/} is very important and it might be the problem, but I don’t understand the logic of where and when that signs are used. Is this short and simple to explain? Googling all over the web and reading books didn’t help me. If there are more reasons that bring me to mistakes I’m glad to hear it. I have typed/retyped many samples and get the same [FAIL]-message.
Thanks in advance
Use http://www.jsonlint.com to see exactly where you made your mistake. Also don't read for hours for ask for help earlier.
Try using http://jsonlint.com to check your JSON code to see where there are problems
Hi guys,

i'm having the excact same problem as romsys. I feel like i posted that massage..Unsure

I've used jsonlint.com to check the json config file which states that it is valid. I didn't even start edditing the devices branche, just the settings were enough to get the fail.. In settings i only added: "receive-repeat": 1

I also did put a comma (,) after the last input and then added the above line whithout it as the last line, do you guys have any tip were to look?


PS: If i should post my code could you quickly tell me how to do this?
Check the pilight manual for valid settings: http://manual.pilight.org

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