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User manual
I'm wondering is there are users that are willing to create a multi-lingual user manual with me for pilight. The goal is to make a really complete noob-friendly manual just like you find it with paid software.

Let me know!
I'm fighting with my piSchedule docu right now which is currently English and German .. as the next version of piSchedule will support multi-lingual on the WEB GUI (PC/Tablet/etc) also.

The docu is written with http://markable.in/editor/ with some "specials" (bootstrap) for the html version (eg. link/icon for toggleing the language). This could be a relative easy usable platform for the pilight docu also.

For your goal / "content" I'm not sure I have the right view/details but could help for it and also for a German version.

I could help with German and English translations and content
After reviewing a lot of online solutions i finally decided to go for plain libreoffice collaboration. i've setup a github repository for this here https://github.com/pilight/pilight-manual. Setup the environment and start contributing. My goal is to use http://www.webodf.org/ to display various pages of the manual on the pilight website so we can evantuelly replace all documentation and wiki pages with this single multi-lingual manual.

As soon as realtime odf editing is properly supported somewhere i will move to it so we can edit all online.

My first goal would be to create a properly annotated installation tutorial with pictures and such.
Tried to setup the details for webodf and I'm able to "open" one of my odt docus that way. Sounds promissing. Also I'm missing things like header/footer which maybe important for a manual doc.

How to understand the "manual-en.fodt" on yout git page? Opening that makes not much sense to me. Maybe you can explain/help for it
Just use it as a regular github repository. So, clone it. Open the file. Push your changes and it will be merged amongst others.

Currently, it's only an empty file that can be opened in LibreOffice.
Just a remark with the use of LibreOffice for the user manual:
In case you would like to include a picture, you have to import that into the doc as that. You can not use a link to point to a png/jep etc (as it's possible with a "pure" html page).
fodt includes pictures as blobs.
Some questions:
How should we structure the whole repo, i.e. should there be branches/folders to separate all the languages?
For what tasks should we have manuals?
[solved, did not see previous posts]How to add pictures? Embed them in the document or link to files in a created "assets" folder or so?

I also think that we should have a proper template/structure for all manuals, for continuity's sake and so that users will have an easier time using them.

EDIT: LO has a very useful feature for compressing embedded images to reduce file size by quite a lot, this might become useful later on.
As with everything i do, let's just see where it goes. As i told before, i want the manual to replace all documentation pages we currently have.

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