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User manual
Hmm, my approach is often to make a plan/outline of what is needed, generally in bullet point lists like this. It is easier for me to start working this way, thought I might share it here so that it's easier to start Smile
Basic brainstorm/outline that I came up with quickly, can be expanded:
  • Installation
  • Hardware setup (split it into basic sender+receiver and a separate page for setting up a filter?)
  • Configuring (split into several parts, possibly one for each section of the config file?)
  • How to use all the different pilight-* programs
  • Eventing (actions and operators, how to write rules)

And then making a list of the pages we actually need, sort of like this:
  • Installation - Stable
  • Installation - Nightly
  • Hardware - Sender + Receiver
  • Hardware - Filter, how to set up and flash
  • (Hardware - USB interface) - I don't know so much about this, but it seems to have potential, might be good to have a manual for it too
  • Configuration - Devices
  • Configuration - Rules
  • Configuration - GUI
  • Configuration - Settings
  • Configuration - Hardware
  • Configuration - Registry
  • Eventing - Introduction (explain what it is, the basic logic)
  • Eventing - Actions
  • Eventing - Operators

@curlymo by documentation pages, you only mean the ones on the website, not the wiki?
As well as the wiki. And yes, i think that's what we all have i mind Wink
@Niek, you wrote that you wrote the installation pages of the community manual. Can you merge them? Then i can continue porting various pages for the upcoming version 7.
(05-07-2015, 09:43 PM)curlymo Wrote: @Niek, you wrote that you wrote the installation pages of the community manual. Can you merge them? Then i can continue porting various pages for the upcoming version 7.


I don't quite understand what installation pages you are pointing atConfused.
I did write tutorials for time math and the libcurl based sendmail action, but those are now obsolete of course. The only other thing I rember to have written so far is an example of randomization with time based rules in the wiki.
I meant the pilight libreoffice manual on github.
I started working on the installation manual, but haven't had time to continue working on it. (And I need to get the hang of git, it doesn't let me commit my changes to my fork...)
I'm looking for a way to get a community driver website so eventually all frontpage pages are backened by direct community input like the wiki. I've tested various solutions to get it to work with ODT or PDF but can't find anything that fits my needs.

webODF isn't able to properly parse my pages.
pdf.js is awesome but slow and really large > 1MB

I also looked into Latex parsers but also haven't found good libraries for it.

I think i found the solution in pdf2htmlEX. That can convert pdf files magically into 99.9% almost perfect html pages.
I downloaded the zip of pilight-manual from GitHub considering to make a translation in Italian but I encountered a problem: the page indexes (in gray) are read-only so I can't edit them.
I would advice you to read about making indexes in libreoffice. That's easier then for me to explain how it works Smile
Read and understood thanks.

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