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User manual
git stash ate my WIP german translation, and I can't recover it so I started from scratch... Got a bit of other work coming up too, but I'll try to get it done asap Smile
Do you need help? Please ask if you do. Maybe we can recover it?
Too late, deleted and started from scratch. There were a bunch of merge conflicts that I couldn't resolve, and even if I git add-ed the file and tried merging again it did not work, so I couldn't git stash pop or apply any previous stashes or switch branch... Looked around the internet for solutions, but git reset didn't help either and I couldn't find anything else.
A lot of school stuff going on the next two weeks, but I'll try to get it done before then.
I would like to opt for a per page commit. Other users are then invited to join in as well helping to translate the other pages. Seeing someone working on the German translation is better then seeing it to be non-existing at this moment.

To see how i try to move people into helping translate the whole thing:
Ok, will do. Also, one page per PR not just per commit, or?
Doesn't matter. The manual website only updates those pages that have been updated.
Ok, will start with the German translation (again :/) on friday and try and finish it over the weekend Smile

I detect as little error in the Installation manual on the pilight.org page.

pi@pilight:~# echo "deb http://apt.pilight.org/ stable main" >

But it should read as follows

pi@pilight:~# echo "deb http://apt.pilight.org/ stable main" >>

Thank you.[/code][/quote]
IMHO not. Because it's the first command in the list, the content of the file for those reading is should be either empty on non-existend.

Secondly, the manual is open for anyone to contribute to. So if you want to, feel free!
I can also participate in German. Russian as well, though I doubt it being useful currently.
The only thing I need is to figure out how to use git since never had to before .. Big Grin

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