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User manual
There are lots of helpful websites about using git. GitHub also has useful pages for getting started with forking, committing, and pushing. Good luck, and do ask for help if you need it Smile
@pilino1234 I am currently exploring Git and the Windows client. If you already have some parts of the German translation, we can share the work.
Oh and, BTW, which approach are you going, forking to an own repo, or cloning to desktop and creating pull requests?
Would be great. Please do keep in mind that learning should be done on personal repositories.
I've found a bug in the menu on the manual website, where the menu scrolls away with the page, i.e. when scrolling down the page, the menu scrolls out at the top. It would be a lot nicer if the menu were in a fixed position on the side of the page, and always there on the side.
My fix would be the following:
Change the "position" rule of #contentLeft in menu.min.css to "fixed", so that the menu will always keep the same position on the side of the page, even when scrolling.
Thanks, fixed.
I missed a list with all functions like "AFTER", "COLOR" and so on.
I found this functions in example codes in this forum.
Could we create a site in the wiki and in the manual with all this functions?

I could write the german part.
Feel free.
Okay, but I need all functions.
Could you give me a list of all, please?
Most recent list is here:
I don't find something like COLOR or so.
Only date and random

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