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Switch device with http request

is there any way to send a http request to the pilight webserver, to switch a device?

For example: ""

Yes, check the API page.
I already read this before but it don't understand, what i have to send.




Thanks! No i can switch my lights with the pebble.

The hyperlink to switch is:

Yes, just URL-encode all the characters of the code.
I am also having trouble with my HTTP send requests now that I am on nightlies (was fine on V5 but now I am on V7.0). The webserver GUI works a treat but I am going to use my phone and mobotix IP cameras to trigger events using HTTP requests.

My device code from config.json:

"studyfloorlamp": {
    "protocol": [ "kambrook" ],
    "id": [{
        "id": 12058,
        "unit": 2
    "state": "off"

the URL I am sending to:


the message decoded:

    "action": "control",
    "code": {
        "device": "studyfloorlamp",
        "state": "on"

all i get as a response now is


Can somebody point me in the right direction please?
I would advice you to use the new API present in the latest nightly.:
Is this also possible from outside your own network ( so with login credentials)?
I'm not sure about login credentials, but if you configure port-forwarding on your router for the pilight daemon, you should be able to access it remotely. But it's kind of insecure, anyone can control your pilight devices then (if they know your IP and pilight port...)

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