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[v6.0 > v7.0] Errors with the latest nightly
(02-27-2015, 09:17 PM)curlymo Wrote: I would also really like to implement the S0mfy protocol.
I am working with creamers on it. In order to get the wakeup sequence implemented i modified daemon.c for the time being (if the first raw pulse has a value of 10 or less this pulse defines the number of following wakeup pulses / header pulses which are sent only once before repeated pulse trains are sent).
In my opinion this is the major hurdle between existing arduino implementations and pilight, as it is supposed to adjust the AGC of the receivers.

In principle we do need to address the header issue and multiple raw sequences, wouldn't be surprised if QUIGG GT-9000 has something like that hidden in the box
About the log time. I changed it to UTC time to it will be stable across timezones.
Just installed version 6.0, commit 92b8d15.

Compilation of my extended datetime module fails with:

libs/pilight/protocols/API/../../core/pilight.h:25:21: fatal error: defines.h: Bestand of map bestaat niet

The same happens if I manually compile the original datetime.c.

defines.h indeed is not in the "libs/pilight/core" folder, but I found it in the "inc" folder. So I think either defines.h is in the wrong location, or the include in pilight.inc is incorrect.
I updated the line two days ago here:
Sorry, I installed modules so many times the same way that I never looked at that installation tutorial again Confused
I now have a problem installing the latest nightly. As always, I cloned the development branch from github and installed with ./setup.sh.

The installation ends as follows.

[ 97%] Built target pilight-debug
[ 97%] Built target pilight-flash
[ 98%] Built target pilight-raw
[ 98%] Built target pilight-receive
[ 99%] Built target pilight-send
[100%] Built target pilight-uuid
[100%] Built target pilight_static

After this there are no pilight executables like pilight-daemon in the /home/pi/pilight folder.
Indeed, they are in build/
OK, so that has changed, but it still seems that the installation is incomplete.
I cannot start the daemon and looking further, I now see that there are no pilight files in /usr/local/bin or /usr/local/sbin like before. Are they also somewhere else now?
Small issue from me. I had the actual installation routine commented.
Updated to the latest nighly and pilight failed to start.
pilight-daemon: ERROR: config setting "send-repeats" is invalid

After looking at GIT I found this commit :

Make send-repeats protocol unique instead of global

Sometimes for me it is hard to understand the code (I'm not a programmer)
Just to check. Is my interpertation that the send-repeats config is removed from the config.json correct ?

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