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No sensor in the web interface
If you really need to see the status of a sensor of this kind, you can use a generic_label protocol from the nightly version and write rules that change the status of the label depending on the status of the sensor.
(04-30-2015, 08:53 AM)diman87 Wrote:
(04-30-2015, 08:50 AM)curlymo Wrote: As i said, those sensors are to be used in events. They have no logical use in the GUI.

this is like a washing machine .. the window was invented to prove that it is actually working Wink
Well but also to detect the red socks between your white shirts
@curlymo, we need a subforum for off-topic here :-D
<offtopic> The American housewives could not believe that the washer is doing something and therefore didn't buy a washer. Until somebody built in the window. There isn't any window in a dishwasher to prove your cat isn't there, is it? ;-) </offtopic>
What the fuck? diman 87, wo_rasp

What's wrong with that, if you leave the house and checked to close the window?
It is a bit of enforcing standards to ensure common methods are used and to keep the system structure maintainable.
So, the purpose of a sensor is to sense something and the purpose of an actuator is to perform something, for example to open or close a contact and this state is visible on the GUI.
Back to reality:
The different types are used to tell the GUI what to do, as the GUI js code is separated from the C code used to implement the protocol logic. Once you gain the insight knowledge how pilight works you get a better feeling for it, for the time being simply thrust curlymo that quite often there is a reasoning for his response.

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(05-01-2015, 10:14 PM)paschi780 Wrote: What the fuck? diman 87, wo_rasp

What's wrong with that, if you leave the house and checked to close the window?

I hat the same idea, so I placed an Elro switch and a power outlet light ("night light", look for that in Amazon) next to the door. Then I defined (using rules) that if ALL sensors are "closed", the switch is turned off. If ANY sensor is "opened" then the switch is turned on. This way you don't even need to start up pilight if you are leaving, you automatically notice when the "night light" is on.
Is that a way you can go?
Or did I misunderstand you?
I get next week about 20 sensors (SC2262). http://de.aliexpress.com/item/Wireless-D...65764.html
Because I want to check all the windows if they are closed or open. With the rules, I would like then a small alarm system.

Apologize for my english
i use illumia to troubleshoot my rules since it is showing the sensor.
please do not remove them

if it is not to much work please add them to the webinterface as well.

i have a special group called test for this and other troubleshooting things
Just replace the sensor with labels.
If doing so, you have to write extra rules to label the labels with the state.. If you just leave them "as it is", it would be OK Smile I also am currently troubleshooting my contact sensors (see my topic in Electronics subforum).

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