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pilight Nano USB interface
I released the pilight Arduino Nano code today.

This allows users to use pilight on any computer with a USB port.

- Supported OS.
- USB port.
- Arduino Nano.
- pilight Arduino Nano firmware.
- Latest pilight nightly.
- Sender and/or Receiver

The Arduino Nano firmware can be found here.

Please let me know what your experiences are, i've tested this myself on Windows and Linux.

I will update the Windows installer soon.

New windows installer can be found here

Installing the pilight USB nano firmware on Windows.

- Download the installer.
- Install pilight for Windows.
- Go to c:\pilight\
- Open a console with cmd
- Connect the Arduino Nano to your computer and check to what COM port it's connected, such as COM5
- Flash the pilight usb nano firmware:
pilight-flash.exe -f pilight_usb_nano.hex -p COM5
- Open c:\pilight\config.json and add the new pilight usb nano:
    "hardware": {
        "433nano": {
            "comport": "COM5"

- Start pilight from your start menu of when you're still in the console through: pilight-daemon.
- To see your devices, you can start pilight-receive while pilight-daemon is active.

Connecting the sender and receiver to the Arduino Nano:
- VCC: 5v
- GND: 0v / GND
- Sender Data: D5
- Receiver Data: D2

Have Fun!

The pilight USB Nano is also for sale! Consider supporting the project instead of buying it yourself.
Only for original nano i guess?
There are replicas for € 3,- on the shopping platforms where the original is about € 70,-
Terrarium:  RPi Model B Rev 2 / pilight 8.0.6 / stretch
Aquarium: RPi Model B Plus Rev 1.2 / pilight 8.0.6 / jessie
Both will work. They are all ATMega328P chips, and that's the only thing that matters.
Does the firmware include some filtering functions?
Added installation instructions for firmware flashing on Windows.
I flashed my $3 Nano and pilight-daemon.exe is receiving data! Tongue
At the moment I don't have a spare sender, so I cannot test sending data.
I'm very curious to this new development! Great job curlymo!
Already available for testing...
Very cool, ordered a Nano clone and an additional sender/receiver kit, can't wait to test it.

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