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pilight Nano USB interface
Steps i followed:
I start pilight-daemon -d
An extra window with log info appears
Connect to address using chrome
and get this screen:

[Image: 8avfvaf9r]

after i push ok, this screen:

[Image: b49ysrol3]

* i dont see the image, see the url

The daemon has stopped, with no logging info. I can repeat it, same result.
Did you also test with windows 7?
yes, tested with win 10 and win 7 pc-s, exactly the same result.

i see that i am running version 6 (date 9-3-2015), should i try version 7 (pilight-v7.0-49-g6ed7da9-win32.exe) ?
Try pilight 7 stable.
Did the pilight-firmware update to stabel version 7. Now running on win 10 and win 7 with the webgui and without crashing. Win 10 worked direct after the firmware update, win 7 did not, i had to add "webgui-websockets": 0 to the config.json to get it running, but after restarting the daemon that also did not work, it is now set to "webgui-websockets": 1 and still running. It looks like the value has to be added to the config.json in order for the webgui to run.

@curlymo, i got the version 6 by reading and going to the link on this form with the text "New windows installer can be found here", pointing to version 7 maybe beter.
I think ik found the reason why the webgui dit not always start on my win7, i also had my pilight op RPi running at the same time, i noticed this line in the pilight-daemon -D:

Oct 14 12:06:10:211912] pilight-daemon: NOTICE: a pilight daemon was found @192
.168.1.52, clientizing

I think the webgui is not started if it is clientized, should this be happening? Can i force it to start, and not on the RPi?
Yes, that's expected behaviour, it's the adhoc network (see the manual for more information about it)
You can set "standalone": 1 in your settings on the win7 machine, but then it will not connect to the pilight-daemon running on the RPi.
Thanx, that makes it clear.

Verzonden vanaf mijn iPad met Tapatalk
I just wanted to report that an Arduino Nano clone using the CH340 serial chip does in fact work fine as pilight receiver. At least on a Pi1 B with Raspian Wheezy it works straight away and is attached at "/dev/ttyUSB0" just like a regular arduino.

Using an arduino is a lot easier than using an attiny as bandpass filter in my opinion. Thanks for writing this!
(10-25-2015, 02:27 PM)accountabc Wrote: I just wanted to report that an Arduino Nano clone using the CH340 serial chip does in fact work fine as pilight receiver.

At least in my case the CH340 was the issue. The version culymo sells in his Webshop comes with FT232R from FTDI.

While my CH340 stops receiving after a few days (sending still works fine) the FT232R has no such issues.

Tested on v7.0-47-gbb34d51

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