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Event action sipcal to make a voip phonecall
Can't hear your doorbell in the garden or on upper floors?
I decided to use our existing dect/voip phones, connected to a Fritz!box, as remote doorbells, using pilight.
Therefore I created a new event action 'sipcall'. This makes it possible to use rules like:
"rules": {
    "deurbel1": {
      "rule": "IF deurbel.state IS on THEN switch DEVICE deurbel TO off AND sipcall PHONENUMBER **620 TTS \"Aan de voordeur wordt gebeld\"",
      "active": 1
    "deurbel2": {
      "rule": "IF deurbel.state IS on THEN switch DEVICE deurbel TO off AND sipcall PHONENUMBER **620 TTSFILE deurbel.wav",
      "active": 1

Source code and documentation is in https://github.com/pdreef/pilight (branche sipcall).

I have an working setup now (not yet with a real doorbell but with a generic_switch).

All code is in

For the sipcall settings I had to make additions to the global settings.c-file. Is there a better way, to make it more modular?
Nice idea Smile What i'm wondering if we can't make a direct socket library for SIP.
Thanks :-).
Possibly. All required functionality is in the PJSUA lbrary which can be linked in any program.
I choose (for this first try) to use a separate program for the actual call handling code (sipcall.c) and keep the pilight code as simple as possible (most of it is based on the sendmail action). By launching sipcall as a separate process with a set of parameters there is less risk on locking pilights event processing. I'm not a real c programmer (more PHP, C#/.Net and Javascript) and not yet deep enough in pilight internal working to oversee all consequences. But will be happy to contribute to this.
Can you link to the libraries used and the sipcall.c?
* PJSUA API: (http://www.pjsip.org)
* https://github.com/pdreef/sipcall This is a modified version of https://github.com/binerry/RaspberryPi/t.../sip-tools

Maybe I introduced some confusion, but there are 2 sipcall.c files:
one is for the pilight action, the other (in the seperate repo) is for the actual sipcall program
I really love the idea. I have a SIP phone myself. But i really want as much as possible in plain C as possible without making external program calls. If there is a lightweight library that can work with SIP it's fine as well.
I don't think it will work 'all in c'. There is not only the dependence of PJSUA but sipcall/sipcall.c also makes a wget call to Google Translate (and then needs sox to convert the resulting mp3 to wav) or it uses eSpeak. All these have to be installed on the system. I realize that I have to add these to the dependency list in my repo Wink.

I am really interested in this idea.
We live in a apartment and i want the intercom also in the basement (where i also have a sip phone)

i have no idea how much work it is but it would be nice if there is a possibility to:
- use the microphone and speaker
- set a relay to open (for X seconds) with a key press of the sip phone

but even without this function
Great stuff and i will add this to my todo list Smile

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