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Nano rx/tx gpio control extention
The nano over serial supports sending and receiving, but what about the other pins?

Can pilight control the other nano pins? It's a waste of pins otherwise Smile

Using a laptop (as I bricked my Pi): as primairy pilight station I definately could use the pins for relays or gpio_switch.
Currently not. We can work (together) toward it.
If needed i am available for testing :-)
Terrarium:  RPi Model B Rev 2 / pilight 8.1.2 / stretch
Aquarium: RPi Model B Plus Rev 1.2 / pilight 8.0.6 / jessie
Pro: this extension is also protecting the precious Pi gpio. A header protection for the Pi is twice as expensive as a nano extension Smile
You where already programming microcontrollers right? This could be a good project for you Smile
yes it is, but I'm not a good programmer...will see what I can do though when time permits
i am also interested in this function

i am currently using 433mhz switches close by the raspberry
it would be better to replace them with relay's> nano > usb > raspberry
Why not just use the GPIO.
There will be a lot of reasons why usb is prefered above jumpwires

1.5 meter jumpwires is a lot
1.5 meter usb is a regular cable

the raspberry is in a other cabinet than the power outlets that i need to switch. sometimes this 2 cabinets must be moved. now we simply unplug the powercord and its all good
if i need to instruck my wife to open the other cabinet and unplug the jumpwires ...... (i guess you already understand my point)

i also want to connect one of this things to my server instead of placing a raspberry

yes the above reasons are not urgent and i guess you have more important things to do. but you will make me happy (again) when it will be availible
Is something in progress in this theme or should i stay at the RPI for the moment?
Terrarium:  RPi Model B Rev 2 / pilight 8.1.2 / stretch
Aquarium: RPi Model B Plus Rev 1.2 / pilight 8.0.6 / jessie

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