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3T-Motors 434Mhz senders / receivers
I would say one of the *_screen protocols.
So finally......
I adapted the arctech_screen protocol.

First comments:
- I did not include the "HOLD" command since I am not really sure how the implementation in the GUI would work
- I eliminated all references to the "ALL" command since this is simply covered by using unit "0" on the 3T-device
- The ClearCode line is unclear to me; I did not include header and footer in the clearance. Hopefully this is correct
- The options_add line for the id code needs to get the correct regex expression; i am not clever enough to do this

It would be kind if you could check this code proposal. With your feedback I would continue with testing.

Many thanks for your support!

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.zip   3tmotors_screen.zip (Size: 2.15 KB / Downloads: 19)
The big question of course. Does it work for you?
Hi Curlymo,

I did not start intensive testing of this protocol yet. I wanted to eliminate obvious errors in this protocol first to avoid double testing with my devices.

Nevertheless, I can say that the raw codes posted here in this thread work well.
Can you repost the protocol? When i open it in notepad++ i only see junk.
Let´s try the txt-file....

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.txt   3tmotors_screen.txt (Size: 6.14 KB / Downloads: 39)
You should really implement the clearCode function to reset everything to either low or high. That eases the createState function in which you use way to much createLow's.

Also, are you sure you used the development code instead of the stable one?
Looks similiar to these shutter controllers: http://forum.pilight.org/Thread-HCS300-S...07#pid1107
A protocol for this would be great! Do u have any success?
Hi curlymo,

I assume that I used the developmental code.
I checked the stable one, which has a slightly different code structure.
Should I start a rewrite of the code?

What do you mean with too much createLow´s?
It is clear that the create state code for these devices is quite long and unusual. It uses 7 numbers to define only 3 states (Up, Hold, Down).
In my code I have set all to Low except of the header and footer.

Since I am a newbie: which procedure do you suggest to do correct testing of this (beta) protocol?

Many thanks for your great support!
I tried to follow the WIKI instructions to test this beta protocol for the 3T devices. But it seems that I am blind since I could not even find the required folder structure: libs/pilight/protocols on my RasPi 2. Do I miss something to correctly follow the WIKI description? BTW: I am using pilight version 7.

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