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How to detect subsequent ON or OFF signals from remote?

Thanks a bunch for your researches! I'm glad to hear, that the arctech_switch protocol is supported now.

I updated my pi to the latest nightly, but still get the same error message. After looking into the source code, it came into my mind that you might haven't checked it in. Are there any plans to check it in?

Maybe I wasn't quite clear in my post where I said that I added arctech_switch to the list of protocols. I did that in my own local pilight setup. So it is not in the development version nor in the nightly. Doing this I just proved that it fixes the issue.


This fix would be required for many more of the pilight protocols. Because of that and because you wrote that you prefer to do it the Pimatic way,
I didn't make a PR for this fix. Also I assumed that you want to do that in the rewrite and not in the dev version.
What are your ideas about this?
Directly in the dev is fine as well.

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