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[pilight 7.0] smtp-user must contain e-mail address
I've updated to pilight 7.0 and tried to use the smtp settings. The SMTP server i wanted to use, needs a username that is no email address.
Is it possible to change this validation?
@Niek? Can you check?

I will remove the regex validation for smtp-user from settings.c
Since smtp-sender and smtp-user now are validated by the same piece of code, I need to split that up.

Although it is not a big thing, it is not possible for me do that right now, but I think I can do it this weekend.

I changed and tested the validation of smtp-user sucessfully, so it will now accept any string value.

Since settings.c is a vital component of pilight, I wonder if you want me to update and commit it myself or if you prefer a pull request.
If you just changed this setting it's fine.
At least in the current stable is another bug: pilight does not accept smtp-user and smtp-sender domains that include a minus sign.

...this also affects the definition of sendmail rules.
i have the same Problem. My Domain is fam-pfaffinger.de, so i cant use a Mail Feature. The other Problem ist, that the SMTP-User is not a Mail-Address, it is in the Format m12345, so i also can ust this.

Is this already solved in a nightly buld?

Thomas Pfaffinger
This was fixed in the development version. See this commit

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