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433 Mhz receiver
Hello Curlymo,

Did you also test this receiver from your Brand "Shenzhen"?

RXB19; http://www.jmrth.com/en/rxb19.asp

This coverage of this receiver should be much higher.
RXB6 = 200 meter.
RX19 = 800 meter.


Yes i know about their other receiver but have not found a place where i could buy them.
It should be available by aliexpress.[Image: Duck_Emoticon_by_ceethree.gif]
RXB19 aliexpress
Yes, problem is that aliexpress doesn't allow me to pay with paypal.
I ordered one...takes up to 30 dass of delivery...So I wait....

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Has someone any experience about this receiver?

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I bought two, but I have not yet had the time to make a test. I'll let you know.
[Image: Duck_Emoticon_by_ceethree.gif]
Any news?

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I apologize but I have been very busy. This weekend I should perform a test and I will post the result.
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just found out about these receivers, looks promising.
Any results already @troccolo?

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