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sender and receiver 433,42
Hey There,
I just started using pilight therefore i am a real beginner. I just got my first plug to work as described in the wiki. Now i tried to integrate a sender from my shadowing screen but the System runs on 433,42 mhz.
Does anyone know where i can buy such a sender and receiver for that frequency ?

Thanks for any helP,
Look in pilight shop, there's a sender & receiver kit.[Image: Duck_Emoticon_by_ceethree.gif]
I would guess that the difference between 433.42MHz and 433.92MHz is minimal, the receiver should work for both frequencies.
Sorry, I see now that it's 433.42 MHz and not 433.92 MHz.
I agree, the receiver should work but the transmitter probably no.
Can you make a test with a 433.92?
Best alternative:
If you do not find a transmitter module you could replace the 433.92 MHz SAW Resonator with a 433.42 MHz one.
ebay 433.42 MHz SAW Resonator

I'd like to know if you've tried with a transmitter and a receiver at 433.92 MHz and what are the results.
Please let me know because maybe I have a solution for 433.42 MHz (at least for the transmitter).
[Image: Duck_Emoticon_by_ceethree.gif]
Yes i have tried...no success so far. But i am not sure if i picked the right protocol.

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There is another section of this forum reserved for software / protocol related issues - but more information is required - e.q. you need to provide us with information related to the type of equipment (brand, model no., ....).

Using this part of the forum, we should discuss hardware topics only, however as mentioned above, without any information on the type of equipment you use, we can only guess.

Question: Can you control other 433,92 devices using pilight ?

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