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EV1527 based contact and motion sensors
Just make sure it's UTC time.
It depends on the config of your pi, it takes the time in the timezone you configured in your pi.
Then like i said, let it use UTC time. Then you always know what you get. Or use the timezone lookup and conversion tools i use in the sunriseset and datetime protocol. However, it does need a longitude and latitude.
I have bought this CS2262 sensor link and i'm trying to get it to work.

@creamers: how did you adjust the protocol made by meloen? Did the sensor only work when set to 3,3M?

@meloen: how far are you with the protocol development? I would love to help but not that experienced in C.
@pimknops, mine is recognised as the protocol 'pollin' The sensor also work with other settings, but 3,3M works good for me. Haven't used it yet as alarm sensor cause i updated to the latest pilight dev.
Maybe curlymo considers to implement meloens protocol?
i want to send command with remote control that buy from electronic shop (4 key A B C D)
4 key

and receive remote cod from my rx board with similar config
i cant decode it
lcd show unusual character like(xXx!||)

micro clock 8000000
baud rate 2400
I have a door switch relay ev1527 (only one state). I had the idea to take it up in pilight, but I face an unexpected difficulty. With pilight-receive, I get the following unit:
"code": {
                "id": 61,
                "unit": 10,
                "state": "off"
        "origin": "receiver",
        "protocol": "rev_switch_old",
        "uuid": "0000-00-00-b1-2d1b4e",
        "repeats": 1
If I include this in config.json, and i restart pilight, I get an error:
[....] Starting : pilight[ May 01 17:40:54:26936] pilight-daemon: ERROR: setting #3 "id" of "achterdeur", invalid

Any ideas?
(the door switch is like here
Without posting your actual config not.
good idea Smile

"achterdeur": {
                        "name": "achterdeur",
                        "protocol": [ "rev_switch_old" ],
                        "id": [{
                                "id": 61,
                                "unit": 10
                        "state": "off"
Can you try changing this line (locally) in libs/protocols/rev_old.c
options_add(&rev_old_switch->options, 'u', "unit", OPTION_HAS_VALUE, CONFIG_ID, JSON_NUMBER, NULL, "^([0-9]|[1][1-5])$");
options_add(&rev_old_switch->options, 'u', "unit", OPTION_HAS_VALUE, CONFIG_ID, JSON_NUMBER, NULL, "^([0-9]|[1][0-5])$");
And then recompile and reinstall.

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