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433 Temp/Humi Sensors
Hello there,
I am absolutely new here therefore have also once beginner questions. My English is not very good. Please forgive my poor translation.

I would like at different places temperature, humidity, and the loved ones also measure soil moisture. The whole is a low-budget project be and go tinker with as little as possible.

For simple temperature recording I use already the Pearl NC 7158th After he generates a new ID after a restart, because Perfect for 6.90 used in unlimited quantities.

But that is the only sensor of about 10 test devices operating on anhib. I am looking for but still the possible sensors simultaneously measure the humidity and ideally determine the temperature by waterproof cable sensor.

Conclusion: Is there a list of sensors that function currently known?
The forum search I have already used in despair.

Ok, for Humity i have found a Sensor over the Supported Protocols ...
Please have any Person a 433 MHZ Temperatur Sensor with Kabel in use, i like messure the Earth Temparatue in winter for my Banana Three.
And also i like check the Pool Temperature in Summer ...

2.nd Have any Person a 433 MHZ Plant Tool in use with pilight:

For Example:


I have no expirence in Software Devolopment. Have any Person a idea and like build an pilight Modul for this, i like support this person with money Big Grin


Hello Laubi,

a usable temperature sensor with cable is:

TFA 30.3120.30

You can use it in pilight with tfa30 protocol. (nightly)
Hello DonBernos,

thanks for your support. Works fine for me Big Grin


I ask you if you think pilight could use this cheap interesting temperature/humidity sensor :

The linked site states that the device is Domoticz Alecto WS1700 compatible.
Based on the housings/layout of the device I am 99,5% sure that the device is either using Alecto WS1700, Dostmann TFA 30.3200, or Three Channel protocol and thus supported by pilight.

by looking in Google I just find you may be right because by seeing the picture on this link it seems they are the same sensor :

I still now need to test the installation of pilight on my Openwrt Banana Pi-R1 router) after what I will order three of those temperature/humidity sensor.


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