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Sending with 2 transmitters (AdHoc)

i got my AdHoc setup to run, but if I am sending on both pis with the transmitter there are interferences. Cutting the hardware connection to one of the senders everything works fine no matter what transmitter I am disconnecting. Feels like the same problem posted on git.

This is my setup:
I added PI2 because I am not reaching switch3 sometime. If I am using the transmitters of both PIs. it only controls the switches, which are reached only by one of the PIs.

For PI1 I am using the suggested transmitter
And For PI2 I am using another one, but using it alone is working quite well.

Has someone experienced the same problem?

The AdHoc network is designed so that all nodes send the same codes. What do you mean by interferences?
That was just some idea of mine. I just know, that the switches dont react, when sending with both transmitter. Sending with one of them is doing the job.
That does sound weird, can you make a post in the protocol development section in the thread for the protocol that you are using? The switches should react, even if the signal is transmitted from two locations.
Posted in the elro_800_switch protocol thread.
Two senders sending at the same time can interfere with each other meaning they cancel each other out. Letting the UUID also work with 433.92 sending should indeed solve this.
Ok, I'm looking forward to that implementation.

But nevertheless I'd like to use the overlapping range of the transmitters for reliability reasons.

Do you think the interferences occur, because I am using different transmitter modules? Or asked the other way round, will it work with the exact same transmitter module?

My second idea is to create a rule that make the transmitter send with a delay like 100 ms.

Condition: device switched to on
-> Send with tranmitter (uuid: 1234) instantly
-> Wait 100 ms and send with transmitter (uuid: 4321)

I think this is doable with the current eventing system, but I am not sure if milliseconds are usable in rules.

Do you think something similar to the explained is possible?

- The same sender will not help.
- Your rule idea might work except that pilight ignores the UUID's in case of 433.92Mhz devices.
Yeah, sure! Just meant as soon as the restriction for uuids is implemented. Or won't this get into pilight?
Hi Folks

I´m expiriencing some AdHoc Problems actually.

I have a Network of three Pi´s, Pi-Node as the Main daemon in my Network Rack, Pi-Pool as a Sender-Only Range-Extender for my pool and Pi-Kueche as a Sender and Receiver for the Basement.

Pi-Node and Pi-Kueche are equipped with external antennas (+2,5 dBi) an you can see on the Pictures.

Pi-Pool and Pi-Kueche are configured as Slave-Daemon as described in this thread: http://forum.pilight.org/Thread-AdHoc-De...ight=AdHoc

I´ve attached Pictures of my Pi´s and my Main-Daemon Config.

As sockets I use Brennenstuhl Units with elro_800_switch protocol.

My Problem:

It seems, that the Senders interfere. I cant Control those sockets, that are in proper reach of Pi-Kueche and Pi-Node, such as Nachtlicht, wich is located somewhere in de middle.

I´ve already tried to seperate the items via UUID in the config, but it seems to habe no effect. If I stop Service on Pi Küche, I can Control Nachtlicht, but all Basement Elements (Keller) are out of reach.

The Pool Elements work perfect.


Is dividing senders via UUID implemented? Is there any other solution to solve this Issue?


Edit: Just found another tread describing exactly the same Problem with the elro protocol: http://forum.pilight.org/Thread-Sending-...ight=AdHoc

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