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Experiences with the pilight DIY PCB Kits
Very good job!
I'm interested in buying 3 PCB only.
[Image: Duck_Emoticon_by_ceethree.gif]
You can already order them and i'll put you on the list (and maybe already ship the few i have lying around already).

I would like to know what is the P1 Meter.
[Image: Duck_Emoticon_by_ceethree.gif]
Its for reading your energy and gas usage if you have a smart meter.
I read the description of the pilight DIY PCB and there's one thing I don't like.
Hot swapping is not very healthy for the components, particularly for the ATtiny85 microcontroller. It's safer to turn off the Raspberry before installing or removing the components.

[Image: Duck_Emoticon_by_ceethree.gif]
I guess hot swapping was meant as that you can replace the component (in general, not while in operation), although I wouldn't do it when it's turned on either.
I understand but hot swapping means replacing system components without shutting down.
[Image: Duck_Emoticon_by_ceethree.gif]
Would it be possible to add some description for the different items? Or is there a specific page about it I didn't noticed?
Some of the points I would like to get clarifications
(based on the PCB Full list):
- Voltage Regulator
--> what is the use for it? Would I need to connect an external source (like a phone power supply), or is it a source for .. other external devices? If for use with an external power source, would it also supply for the base RPI?
- Headers
--> not clear which part it is and what's the usage
- Antenna
--> OK
- P1 Meter
--> found smart energy meter .. is that a widely use device so it has to be on list with PCB Quarter already?
- IR
--> found An IR receiver for using your standard remote control .. but which is the use for it? Can one control the switches or the dimmers. Is the IR sender normally a companion with the remote devices?
- Pre-Filter
--> OK; to reduce noises with the receiver part
- 433.92 Sender / Receiver
--> OK also
Added more info to the post.

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