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What protocol is used by Aukey plugs?
Corrently I'm using pilight with this wall plug kit: Brennenstuhl Funkschalt-Set RCS 1000 N Comfort, 1507450 (Link)

Now I found these (Link) wall plugs (vendor "Aukey") very handy because you can toggle them
  • using pilight
  • via remote control
  • using a switch directly on the plug
This is very comfortable if you need to switch a light quickly on/off while you're close to it or when you cannot find the remote control.

Also the remote control can handle up to 4 devices per group and 4 groups (switch device 1-4 on/off or the whole group at once [master button]). At the end you can switch up to 16 devices.

2 questions about the Aukey plugs:
  1. I just have a 433 MHz sender but no receiver. Does anyone have these Aukey plugs and can tell me what protocol they're using?
  2. Is it possible to switch my Brennenstuhl plugs (1st link above) with Aukey's remote control?
Also an idea: Is there a website where tested plug devices are published with their protocols used?

Edit: Yes, such a site exists: http://wiki.pilight.org/doku.php/devices Please feel free to add you devices + protocol(s) there.
As the Aukey devices aren't on that page (and I haven't heard of the brand myself), I would guess that there is no protocol for them yet. You might be lucky, and someone with a receiver and this hardware knows something, but it's quite unlikely.
You will probably need a receiver to record some raw codes and post those in the protocol development section (according to the rules please Smile) so that a protocol could be developed for these devices.

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