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ATTiny45 Output Phase Randomly Inverted
Using latest pilight v7 + pilight_firmware + ATTiny45 + protocol rc101 with 'standard' configuration on Raspberry Pi B

The ATTiny output signal phase (measured at connection point to Pi heade pin# 12) is randomly inverted compared with output signal from ATTiny input (connected to receiver data out).

This seems to result in slower and less reliable reception (depending on protocol).

Please images below. The lower, blue trace (1.01khz) is measured at receiver output. The upper trace is measured at ATTiny output (Pi header pin# 12)

In case this provides a clue (maybe local RFI), there is also a hight pulse that re-appears on ATTiny output at random intervals - at 14.4 khz

Any hints on possible changes to code/timing that I could investigate for possible fix?

Example images when sending the same rc101 code:

Fig 1 - Phase OK:
[Image: attiny-phase-ok-output.jpg]

Fig 2 - Phase Inverted:
[Image: attiny-inverted-output.jpg]

The occurrence of OK versus inverted phase seems random.
This doesn't matter much because pilight uses both RISING and FALLING interrupts.
Thanks for reply - The explanation makes sense but from simple observation, it looked like received rc101 codes were always ignored whenever the ATtiny output phase was inverted. I will investigate in more detail tomorrow and look for some more evidence - either positive or negative.
Looking forward to it!
As you expected, tests showed inverted phase makes no difference. I was wrong Smile

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