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Change name of Switch_Relay ?
hey There,
Would it Possible to change the name of a switch (protocol relay)
from (on/off) to (Right/left) ?
Not without changing it for all switch devices.
so i can't change it in one "special" protocol for example "relay" in (Right/left)
und in the normal protocol relay it is (on/off) ?

i will explain the backgorund:

i want too use pilight on a model railway to switch the Light on Railway from red to green
switch the Railswitch from left to right
and also switch the Lights in the Houses etc. from on to off
Nope, you can't, at least not easily; you would have to make several changes to pilight.js (and probably pilight itself too) to intrduce a new type of data, which creates a different looking/labelled element in the GUI...
ok, this isn't too much for me.....
i'm not expert in C ++

any other ideas how i can realise it?
It's not so much about the C++ (pilight is in C anyway Wink), it's the javascript in the pilight.js file that serves the webGUI which you need to modify (mainly).
But I don't have other ideas at the moment, although you could use the API to create your own GUI which labels the devices differently. This is a bit more work, but you can use a language of your choice to create it and make it exactly like you want it to be.
where can i find the this javascript?
I'm sorry i can#t find this file anywere
But it's right there...

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