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pilight v8.0 - Current work in progress
is there an app in the appstore for iphone  for pilight like ther is pilight for android??

is there a known bug with the "pilight usb nano" integration? (I'm using no Raspberry Pi.)

Today I'd updated from 8.0.10 to 8.1.0 and since then I cant send or receive anything with my daemon.
Not that i've heard of currently. Also not from those that already tested the same version when it was still a nightly.
Hi again,

I did several tests.

I'd uninstalled(purged) the package version (8.1.0) and compiled the pilight-project by myself.
Version 8.1.0 doesn't worked again.
Then I checked out tag v8.0.10 and everything works with this version again.

I also reinstalled the firmware on my arduino nano from github (https://github.com/pilight/pilight-usb-nano) and tried v8.0.10 which worked.
Then v8.1.0 again. => Send/Receive doesn't work.

It seems, that there is a bug or protocol change in Version 8.1.0.
If I can help solving this bug, please let me know.
Thanks for letting me know. I will check into is.
@carlos4018 your issue should be fixed in the latest nightly. Can you test and report back?
(06-10-2018, 03:43 PM)curlymo Wrote: @carlos4018 your issue should be fixed in the latest nightly. Can you test and report back?

Thank you for your investigation! Angel

I'd installed the apt-repository version v8.1.1-nightly-602146e8
It works for my also.

Thank you
Hallo, i need the oregon Protokoll, but why is it not include? In pilight7 there was a Version how it was integrated. 

But in my New system a Raspberry PI3b+ with Debian Stratch i can not install pilight-7_oregon

Plesse help me
I don't know. I believe it was an experimental custom version of pilight of one of the forum users. It never was implemented. If you can finish his job, please do.
No i can not do this job, i dont now to do that. I can give the old .pilight-7_oregon.ZIP there is all in.

But Problem is it did not run in RPI3b+ with Stretch

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