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Change state by physical sender
Is there a possibility to change the state on/off when ever i press my physical sender.

So the 433MHz receiver receives these signals and could change it?

Then I could see if the lights in the house are on or off by browsing to the webserver.
Yes, if you use the remote pilight will also receive the signal and change the state of the device.
You just described 50% of the legitimacy of pilight Wink
I think you don't understand my question.

What is mean is that is press one of the button on my physical remote(attachment), that it would change the on/off on the plight webbrowser. Of course it would change the on/off on the receiver of the light. And if it is possible, how could I configure it? I've searched the forum, but couldn't find a similar question.

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Yes, if pilight has a connected receiver, it will pick up the signal from your remote and update the internal config (and webGUI) with the new state of the device.

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