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Bug report: gpio_switch does not accept high pin numbers

I (still) try to connect a smoke sensor with digital output to my RPi 1 B+ using protocol gpio_switch

When I use gpio pins 23 or 25 I get the following error message in /var/log/pilight.err:
[ Oct 04 12:03:52:40032] pilight-daemon: ERROR: config device setting #2 "id" of "spare", invalid
but when I use gpio pin 7, it works like a charm, so no error message and pin status correctly showing in GUI.

On the other hand, when I use protocol relay with pins 25 or 29 this also works correctly, so no error message and pin output controllable from GUI. Also protocol dht22 works correctly with pin 27.

So in my opinion this looks like a bug which may be solved by using the same "pin range check" in the gpio_switch protocol as the one in relay.

Please let me know if you need more data.

Thank you,
I found yesterday the same bug with a RGB-Led. I tried all over 21 and does not work. Humiture sensor works pefectly.
(10-12-2015, 09:05 AM)Taulie Wrote: I found yesterday the same bug with a RGB-Led. I tried all over 21 and does not work. Humiture sensor works pefectly.

@Taulie: note that protocol gpio_switch makes the GPIO act as input not output as for an RGB LED. Use protocol relay for that.

In addition: I tested a software change that fixes this bug and made a pull-request. We are still discussing the implementation though...

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