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GUI for pilight
I have made a GUI for pilight. It is in an early state, but usable (for me ;-) ).
Here a link to it: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1007...rtHome.jar
It based on java, so the latest jre from Oracle must be installed. If you want, try it. It runs for example on the same RPi where pilight runs or on any other PC in the same network.
I have integrated until now only the GUI-types
The program reads only the messages from the deamon and send commands. It changes nothing at config.json.
The help is at this time only in german (sorry, if some one can send me a translation, I will be happy :-) )
So I will be glad, if some can try it and send me a bug list and wishes, what shall be implemented.
Kersten Tams

Edit: The program will now be only on github: https://github.com/ktams/mySmartHome in the dist directory
Sensational addition to pilight.
Could use some editing of graphics.
and then you can edit the .jar file?
page with nice graphics http://forum.lic.pl/fibaro/ikonki-do-urzadzen/

I suggest you use PNG, it will be nicer look
thank you for the link :-) I will see, if I can change some pictures. The default picture of the groups (rooms) is my office ;-)

But you must not use the default pictures. I translated the help, so it may be clearer what is be possible (sorry for my broken english, I hope you can understand it anyway).

----- help text -----
At launch time the program searches for the pilight deamon. If it was found, the configuration
will be read and the groups (rooms) added to the screen.
At the first launch, there are only default icons and pictures available. All devices, that are defined in the gui section of config.json are shown on the panel of the rooms. You can move the devices by dragging the name label with the mouse.
If you leave the program, in the directory "mySmartHome" in the users home directory all propperties are stored. If this directory does not exist (at the first launch it doesn't), it will be created.
If you place in this directory a jpg-picture with the name of the room, this picture is the preview picture in the overview panel (120x90). If you place a jpg-picture with the name of the room and "_big.jpg" at the end, it is the background picture of the room panel (972x493).
If you place a picture with the name of a device of the type "switch", "contact" or "relay", it will be shown for the "on" state if it ends with "_on.jpg", or for the "off" state if it ends with "_off.jpg".
If you have a label, it will show the text you write into or a picture, if you write the device name of the label and it ends with "_1.jpg" to "_9.jpg".
A dimmer is a slider plus a progress bar. With a single klick on the slider, you can switch the
dimmer on and off (the progress bar hides, if it is off). With the slider you can vary the value.
All shown states of the pictures (on and off of the switches, text or picture of the label or state and value of the dimmer) are the real states and values, which sends the deamon back.
----- end of text -----

Kersten Tams
How do I cancel Overview tab?
I'm not needed. Only hinders the matter.
I would like to do so to make the program started with an overlap eg: Switches
I made a checkBox where you can choose the behavior. Download the program again (see link above) and you can cancel the overview.
Kersten Tams
Super. Thanks a lot.
I proposed that the graphics were in png format. Will it look nicer.

Is the council could change the picture, "Dämon_ein", "Dämon_aus" on my picture "picture on", "obrazek_off"

My job.
How do I change to tab switches was the first from the left?
(10-17-2015, 03:46 PM)kniazio Wrote: My job.
How do I change to tab switches was the first from the left?

sorry, I don't understand, what you want to do.

I have uploaded the projekt (Netbeans) to github: https://github.com/ktams/mySmartHome
You can enhance the program if you want. For example you can make a polish version (I think you are from poland?). You only must translate the right side of "=" in the file"Bundle.properties" in the src directory. Then send it to me and I can add it.
My intention to make the program was to have pictures of my rooms with the devices in it. Here an example. It is not perfect yet, but it is nearly, what I want :-)
Kersten Tams

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OKAY. Let's skip it.
I would like to use these icons to build their rooms - http://forum.lic.pl/fibaro/ikonki-do-urzadzen/
These files are png and your program does not support them

P.S. What I mean is that you can use in your program .png files
(10-18-2015, 11:34 AM)kniazio Wrote: OKAY. Let's skip it.
I would like to use these icons to build their rooms - http://forum.lic.pl/fibaro/ikonki-do-urzadzen/
These files are png and your program does not support them

P.S. What I mean is that you can use in your program .png files

ah, OK. I can make the program accept both, jpg and png.
It is not so difficult.
Thanks for the translation of the help. Can you please translate the Bundle.properties file too
myHome.jShowOverview.text=show overview
nopilightfound=no pilight ssdp connections found.
tryAgain= Trying again...
noanswer= no answer from pilight-daemon -> EXIT
contactfailed=contact to pilight failed! EXIT
overview=The next time you open the program, the overview is back.
Only the part after the "=".
Kersten Tams

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