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GUI for pilight
It would be great if the program handle .png

As will be ready let me know Smile

A small error in translation.
Amendment Annex
ready :-)
You can download from dropbox link (see first posting) or from github.com/ktams/mySmartHome/dist directory.
Please try out the polish translation of the button text etc.
Kersten Tams
Unfortunately, .png does not work properly with 10 files showed me 1
Instead ON, he shows OFF.
This should be ON
Do you have to have a certain size?
I have an error
"Show preview of rooms." polish "Pokaż podgląd pokoji." instead of "ż" and "ą" are bushes

png icons:

c.d. icons
If .png worked well it could be used instead of images thin circle.png and set it on an object in the picture room.
bundle pl fixed
I fixed it. It was a copy / paste error :-( .
New version see github.
Kersten Tams
Everything works great.
Thanks a lot.

Why not instead devil logo pilight put?
How did it go so well with .png it can be so .gif Smile
(10-19-2015, 05:09 PM)kniazio Wrote: Why not instead devil logo pilight put?

you can put a picture "daemon_on.jpg" or/and "daemon_off.jpg" in your directory "mySmartHome".
The pictures must have width and height equal.
program can handle now gif files. See github.

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