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Hi There,

I'm using the pilight for months and I'm happy with it. I'm thinking on automation of our central heating system based on pilight. I have 3 of the well known wireless temp and humidity sensor from china but I'm not sure they are 100% reliable. I'd like to see when the temperature and humidity values last arrived. Is it possible somehow?

I mean if the sensor disappears or have some technical issue on 433 receiver I can't see any sign, temperature and humidity values remains the same forever.

Your answers are highly appreciated.

Not within pilight, but I wrote python script for myself which shows the last time data from certain sensors was updated. I was planning on polishing it up and putting it on github, although it's probably going to take a while until I get there…
In the meantime, if you know some programming, you can do it yourself quite easily using the pilight API and some datetime library of your language of choice Smile

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