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pilight DIY PCB Kits
(03-07-2017, 07:58 PM)leppa Wrote: Based on the registration message from the forum, it was 12th of February.
Registrations between Feb-11th 8:00 and Feb-21st 8:00 got lost.
i've ordered and soldered the full kit.
I'd like to enhance the antenna, and would like to add a dipole..
but in search of a free ground pin on the header i found that pin 6 is not used.

What is the function of pin 6 (in pin description below)

I think pin's are like this.. (from soldering side, left to right)
1 recv - ant
2 recv - gnd
3 recv - gnd
4 recv - 5V
5 Antenna
6 ?
7 snd - ant
8 snd - gnd
9 snd - data
10 snd - 5V
11 IR
12 IR
13 IR
14 recv - 5V
15 recv - EER
16 recv - data
17 recv - gnd
6 is also the antenne.
Hello @curlymo, I am new to pilight and pretty new to Raspberry Pi as well. I have some beginner questions.

I own a Pi Zero and would like to be able to control my Klik aan klik uit devices as well as be able to use lirc to control a device. In the end I hope to hook it all up to Homebridge, so I can integrate it with other HomeKit equipment I have.

Will the Pi Zero be powerful enough to drive all this (using the filtered version)?

Am I correct that the Full PCB option includes hardware for IR? I am pretty novice, but did not see any reference related to IR in the in the wiring and/or soldering instructions.

Last question, can I just pay 57,50 via PayPal to order@pilight.org to receive the pre-soldered Full PCB?
To use the IR at this moment, just use the program LIRC. There are tutorials enough about it.

And yes, the PI Zero should work.
Thanks for the fast reply.

I was just not sure if the PCB includes the IR sensor, since I did not find any reference to it in the pcb soldering instructions nor in the description on wiring the pcb.

I'll order the PCB Full pre soldered by paying 57,50 via Paypal.

@curlymo Apologies, another beginner question. If I solder this onto my Pi Zero:https://www.kiwi-electronics.nl/40-pin-male-header-2x20, will I be able to fit in the plight pcb as is?
Sorry, another beginner question. My next step is using the IR led from the pcb. I have not found the right hints on the forum or elsewhere to get it working.

Does someone have some link or hints how to get it recognized?

In the end I am hoping to be able to use pilight to send IR commands that I can later hook up with homebridge so I can use them via HomeKit.
As i said before, you can use the program called lirc for that. The IR is connected to pin 13.

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