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pilight DIY PCB Kits
Thanks. I was trying Lirc. Will try configuring it for pin 13!
This is what i use on my Raspberry Pi 2.

Out pin is just a random number.

I guess I also had to update /etc/lirc/hardware.conf and /etc/modules per for example these instructions.

I also had to create a symbolic link from /dev/lirc0 to /dev/lirc to get mode2 working without additional parameters.

When I run pilight-daemon I don't see any IR feedback while I do get feedback via mode2.
Is there any additional configuration I need to do?

I am considering to hook up an IR transmitter instead of the receiver so I can also control IR devices. For example as described here http://www.raspberry-pi-geek.com/Archive...-IR-remote or as described in the link above. I guess I can just use the pins now in use by the IR receiver of the pilight PCB and configure lirc accordingly to make it work.
Yes, you can. pilight does not support IR yet.
I just read on my first link about lirc the following
Quote:January 25th 2015: Marc W. in the comments pointed out that in the 3.18.x RaspberryPi firmware you must modify one additional file for the lirc-rpi kernel extension to be loaded:
So I undid the other changes and it still works. So only thing I had to do to make the IR receiver work is the config.txt changes you shared and creation of the symbolic link!
Thanks again!
(05-02-2017, 06:09 PM)curlymo Wrote: Yes, you can. pilight does not support IR yet.

@curlymo If I want to replace the IR receiver with a small IR transmitter using the schema from this page, can I re-use the GPIO, GND, and 3.3V from the connector used by the IR receiver diode? Is the voltage connected 3.3 or 5V?

Yes, you can reuse it. It powered by 5v.
@curlymo I have my IR transmitter and receiver working. I was already very pleased with pilight! This is a nice addition for being able to control all my devices via the RPi. It would be great to have pilight also support IR, in a similar way as RF, so it detects both commands issued from the RPi as well as from other remotes to keep the state for switches.
Is there a plan to implement this in the near future? I am happy to assist/ test if desired!
(01-24-2016, 01:16 PM)curlymo Wrote: Yes, enough. You can ask me for a stackable header. That allows you to use the unused pins.

Hi Curlymo,
I would like to order a PCB Full with stackable headers. What I have to do?
Do a custom paypal payment and tell me in the description.

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