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pilight config editor
most of the suggestions are available now.
The editor for devices and GUI elements are ready I think. If there are wishes or bugs, please report.
I tried to make the rule editor more save without making it unflexible. Editing a rule is a very difficult thing and so I think it is work for later.
I added a file named "AllowedValues.txt" (now it is in the Template folder). It must be in the .piconf directory of the home directory of the user. In this directory you can find also the property file. In the AllowedValues.txt are the allowed values for each protocol (not complete until now). Please try it and give me a feedback if it is practicable.

Attached Files
.zip   piConf.zip (Size: 72.12 KB / Downloads: 11)

I quickly tried your latest version and indeed you improved and added quite a lot. I found some bugs and other things that need improvement and of course I will be glad to share them with you again.

But I realized that what you have done so far, is developing functionality by trial and error. The reason for that, is that we are missing a functional design (from the user's perspective), which is especially important for the rule editor. That can be the reason that until now no one else seems to be interested.

If we go on this way you may get a technically working editor in the end, but only after a lot of iterations. The user interface must be intuitive and "fool proof" and as yet the set up of the rule editor isn't. The device- and gui editors are working for the main part, but editing devices and gui elements in config.json is fairly simple. Editing long rules however can be a real pain, because they stretch over many lines and have multiple devices with their specific states, values and formats. Simplifying that, is the most important goal of the editor.

I don't want to discourage you and still appreciate your initiative, but imho it is better to sit back first now to make a design for the rule editor. You said that is something for later because it is difficult, but I think that it is necessary if you don't want to end up with an editor no one wants to use beause it is incomplete, too difficult to use, or error prone.

I will write a small document with what in my opinion are important starting points for the functionality of the config editor as a whole and of the rule editor in particular.
Thank you for your reply :-)
You are right. I try to find out, what is best to make the rule editor save, easy to use and flexible. May be not all together is possible.
So I will be glad, if somebody can help me with some ideas how to make a GUI, that is usable. That can be some text, some pictures or some thing else. I also can upload the code to github, if somebody is interested in it and want to help coding.
I will think about a new way to make a GUI for the rules. Any help is welcome ;-)
how we can install your editor?
I would also like test.
(01-06-2016, 11:44 AM)SeLi Wrote: Hello,
how we can install your editor?
I would also like test.

I attach the latest version. There is not much work done since I asked for ideas last year. I killed some bugs and split the rules in an "IF" and a "THEN" section, but see yourself.
You must only extract the zip file to a directory you wish the Template folder and the jar file to be.
Perhaps the jar file must be startet with "java -jar".

Attached Files
.zip   piConf.zip (Size: 81.77 KB / Downloads: 59)
I am sorry but...
Where I can open it?
Should i place into pilight folder?
(01-06-2016, 01:48 PM)SeLi Wrote: Hello,
I am sorry but...
Where I can open it?
Should i place into pilight folder?

if you have unziped the zip file then double click on piConf.jar. If this doesn't work (e.g an archive program opens), then click with the right mouse button on piConf.jar and choose "open with". There you must type "java -jar" and OK.

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