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mumbi m-FS300 with AB440R Remote / no dips
Hi all,

Ive read all posts regarding the mumbi's on here, however I havent been able to get mine to work.
I especially bought THESE ones cuz I thought they would work out of the box.

I am running a Raspi with version 7.0 of pilight and THESE transmitter/receivers.

I am able to send and receive with pilight when opening separate terminals. Also I am able to "pilight-receive" when I use the remote control.
I tried to use all the codes that come up with the various protocols, but have not been able to make a switch!
I also tried to look at pilight-debug raw code when in "learning mode" for the switch, however even with pilight-send -p raw -c "xxx" I was not able to make the switch.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Start by also reading about the required senders and receivers on the wiki. Then you have everything you need.
Hi curlymo,

So if I get THIS kit, it should work with the above mentioned mumbis?

I see now that the receiver from my kit is listed as not working in your wiki, having been tested by you.

Does this mean I'm seeing the "wrong" receive codes from the remote and therefore I'm not able to make the switch work?
(12-10-2015, 07:44 AM)altavista Wrote: Does this mean I'm seeing the "wrong" receive codes from the remote and therefore I'm not able to make the switch work?
Basically, yes. The signals that this receiver picks up are not very accurate, so pilight may not be able to interpret them correctly.
Thanks for the quick replies.

So I've now ordered THIS one, cuz I'm too impatient to wait for the other ones from China. This was the one I could get my hands on the quickest.

Once I test the new setup, I will update in here!
Hi all,

Just wanted to update. I returned the Mumbis and wont be testing. Sorry.

Reason: I needed to use them reliably in a place where the electricity is out around 3 times a day for about an our each time. The issue is, they would have to be "re-programmed" each time, one by one. So these switches are definitely not an option for me.

Good luck ya'll and thanks for the support.
Hi there,

I bought the same switches from Amazon because I wanted to control them with pilight and the pilight startpage listed Mumbi as supported.
So now I am stuck with the non-DIP version and it seems they are not working right now.

I read the threads in this forum and also some other places for Arduino development. So it is my understanding that those switches are still not supported by pilight and nobody is working on an integration right now?! Crying

I get lots of raw codes but unfortunately nothing shows up in pilight-debug and pilight-receive when I press the remote.

If nothing shows up and can be related to button presses while using "pilight-raw -L" the problem may be hardware related and be investigated first.

send from tapatalk
(11-12-2016, 09:54 AM)wo_rasp Wrote: If nothing shows up and can be related to button presses while using "pilight-raw -L" the problem may be hardware related and be investigated first.

send from tapatalk

I tried to send a package with pilight-send and pilight-receive picks it up instantly, so I assume the hardware is ok. I get a lot of data from pilight-raw which seems cannot be assigned to a known protocol, also pilight-debug picked up other signals it could decode (not from my remote) so the receiver seems to work.
Nevertheless just to be sure I ordered a new T/R combo from AliExpress yesterday together with an ATTINY as LPF.

But as it seems there is no active development anymore and the existing protocol thread is quite abandoned I rather return them :/
Also I was unaware that they loose the config once unplugged or during a poweroutage, thats quite bad...

I have a similar problem with the quigg 7000 switches, they also do loose their configuration after power loss.

Typically all switches using DIP switches keep their configuration (for example Brennenstuhl RCS)

The intertechno ITT 1500 have no DIP switch however also keep their configuration.

Both work well.

The problem with protocol development is that you do need the actual hardware or someone who is willing to provide the required raw data and act as a tester (and has the knowledge to operate a reliable test environment)

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