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Switching ceiling fan with pilight-send -p raw
Hi forum !

I am new to pilight but what I have seen so far is really great. I have been playing around with a gpio connected receiver and transmitter and I am able to switch some old intertechno wall plugs I had laying around. Receiving from an intertechno remote also works.

I use pilight 7.0 from http://apt.pilight.org/ on a raspi B2 with raspian 8.0

My goal is to take control of my ceiling fan. The remote has 4 Buttons for the motor
off / low / med / hi and a fifth button "light" that toggles the integrated light fixture.
Inside the remote there is a 4 way dip switch to set a house code which has to be the same as the code that is used in the receiver in the fan.
It looks similar to this [Image: Fan%20remote%20control%20OET-FRC210.jpg]

Unfortunately pilight does not seem to know this type of remote control.

I do not get any output in pilight-receive when I press buttons on the remote. So I tried to capture some raw data with pilight-debug

This is what I get for Button "High"

Press and hold one of the buttons on your remote or wait until
another device such as a weather station has send new codes
The debugger will automatically reset itself after one second of
failed leads. It will keep running until you explicitly stop it.
This is done by pressing both the [CTRL] and C buttons on your keyboard.

time:        Fri Dec 11 17:42:38 2015
hardware:    433gpio
pulse:        2
rawlen:        26
pulselen:    253

Raw code:
253 506 253 506 253 506 253 506 253 506 253 506 253 506 253 506 253 506 253 506 253 506 253 253 506 8602

I have tried to send this to the fan with

pilight-send -p raw --code="253 506 253 506 253 506 253 506 253 506 253 506 253 506 253 506 253 506 253 506 253 506 253 253 506 8602"

but the fan would not switch on.

What are my options now ?

Thanks for any ideas, I am stuck with this project at the moment :-(


Hi Roland,
Nice work so far.
Try to receive the signal multiple times and find the one "that looks best" (occurs most often and has typically only three different values)
In addition I think the \ characters should be removed from the send command
Hi and welcome to the forums! Smile

I'd recommend starting a thread for this device in the protocol development subforum so that a pilight protocol can be developed. Just read the sticky at the top of that subforum before submitting your post though to make sure it includes all the necessary information.

good news: I have now sucessfully captured some debug which also works when send from pilight. I also have posted my results here.

Regards, Roland
Hi all!

I am new in this forum, so please apologize my mistakes, if any.

I think, I have the same ceiling fan, my debug output looks very similar to the already posted one´s. I have opened the remote control, and find a controller chip HT-12E. I found description of this chip in internet. Chip has 8 address lines and 4 data lines. I see from layout of board, that the remote keys are connected to address lines of chip, the 4 data lines are connected to the dip switches, where the unique code is setup.

Perhaps the chip is also used in some other remote controls, so that protocol implementation can be taken from there.

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