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Hi! How can I contribute?
Hi to all!

I'm new to the forum and started tinkering with pilight a few days ago.
I managed to build some nice things already (sunrise simulation alarm clock etc).
Thank you curlymo and all other contributors for making pilight awesome!

That being said, there is obviously a lot that needs to be done. I'm thinking especially about the documentation and gui/configuration.

Is there any way I (and others) can contribute?
I am not a (good) programmer, but I could work on wiki pages etc.

Where could I start?


P.s.: two more things:
1. "feature request": what about a welcome subforum/thread where new members could introduce themselves?
2. What about some sort of a semi regular hangout (google plus, skype,...) where people could talk about their questions? That would be very useful for beginners.
I could try to organize one, maybe for the german speaking members?
pilight 7.0 stable on raspberry 2 / raspbian
Hello and welcome to the forums! Smile
Most things seem to be quite well-documented on the wiki and manual, although you can always have a look around the wiki for pages that can be extended with further information or formatting.

The pilight manual is developed on github with LibreOffice, where you can contribute your translations (I haven't gotten around to translating the PCB soldering instructions from english to german yet).

About your PS':
1: That's up to curlymo to decide, although I think it's unlikely
2: The manual is a good place to start, see the pilight frontpage. Further questions can be asked on the forums here, responses are usually quite fast.
1. I think the experience forum is suitible for that.
2. I'm not on social media, but if you are willing to furfill that tasks (with others), i delighted to facilitate.

The rest has already been answered by @pilino1234. All documentation is easy for contribution by design. So feel free.
(12-12-2015, 01:35 PM)pilino1234 Wrote: Most things seem to be quite well-documented on the wiki and manual

To be honest, I did not always find that to be the case.
I'm using some older quigg switches and found the pilight project via these pages:

The first one seems to be out of date or for an older version (I am using 7.0 from the repository on raspbian).
The examples in the second one don't work:
pi@raspberrypi:~ $ pilight-send -p quigg_switch -i 2816 -u 1 -f
[Dec 12 19:08:13:497851] pilight-send: ERROR: this protocol is not supported or doesn't support sending
pi@raspberrypi:~ $
(just saw the error: the protocol was renamed?

I also stumbled about the fact that mandatory parameters are often not explained (e.g. datetime: What is dst? Why do I need to set arbitrary values when creating the config?)
Spending an afternoon finding these things out was fun for me, but I guess people that are not as proficient with linux, reading/writing json etc. will have a lot of trouble.

I will have a look into your wiki, maybe I can add some things. But as a newbe I'm not comfortable with changing major things or even merging pages (I guess you don't really want me to do that either).

pilight 7.0 stable on raspberry 2 / raspbian
Different versions of the protocol pages exists for users of older pilight versions. This is more clear on the general protocols page of the wiki, where they are all sorted by protocol and pilight version.

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