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variable "label" not allowed in rules
I tried to use the label option of one of my label devices in a rule. It gives me the error shown below. One can use the color option of label devices in rules without problems. Looking at the generic_label protocol, I realized that the difference between color and label is that color can only be a string and label can be both string and number.

I had a quick look at events.c to see where the error is reported and I guess that a "match2=1" is missing somewhere, possibly in the elsif at line 373?

[Dec 17 12:25:29:462237] pilight-daemon: ERROR: rule #62 invalid: variable "label" of device "duskdawnlabel" cannot be used in event rules
The problem is that i haven't found a solution for 'casting' yet, so until then i disallowed the usage of the label device in the rule logic.
OK, thanks. I understand.
Fortunately pilight provides more ways to achieve what I want Smile
Will this be possible in the rewrite now?
That would save me a lot of complex rules with the terrarium.
Currently, I use some generic switches instead
(Scenes: Morning, Day, Evening, Night)
Terrarium:  RPi Model B Rev 2 / pilight 8.1.2 / stretch
Aquarium: RPi Model B Plus Rev 1.2 / pilight 8.0.6 / jessie
Yes, for a while now. Should work in development also.

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