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New buttontype for rolling shutter

In pilight 7 i found only a switch-button on/off. It is possible to create 2 buttons (on and off) in a line of the gui, so for on device ?

The problem exists on the rolling shutter.
When i click in gui the button, pilight switcht from status off to on and send for example: "pilight-send brennenstuhl -s 21 -u 2 -t".
The rolling shutter lift.
On the next click, pilight switcht from status on to off and send: "pilight-send brennenstuhl -s 21 -u 2 -f".
The rolling shutter go down.

I can NOT stop the rolling shutter in a middle position, but the ITL-500-switch can it. If I send "pilight-send brennenstuhl -s 21 -u 2 -t" it lift and when i send once more the same command, this rolling shutter stop in the current position.

I think, this is a problem of many users, which use pilight for rolling shutters.

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That's why we have the screen device type Smile
Won't do it, it is the same problem with the S*mfy protocol.
Pull Request #200 has the requested changes in the GUI for the Screen Device, it introduces the STOP Button as a Third Button.
The S*mfy protocol supports that button, all other SCREEN protocols need to get the additional logic, but this is more of an editorial task, once #200 is merged into the development branch.
I know about the somfy issues, but in this case the screen element works fine.

it seems like that a screen device will be defined about the protocoll-tag. Is this correct ?
I have try the "kaku_screen", because the "kaku_switch" works, with same parameters (id, unit). Now I see the device in the gui with plus and minus, and it works.

No, it is a devtype. For kaku protocol both device types are implemented, but this is not the case for all switches. Depending on the device type the GUI will present different tags/buttons to the user.
Hi all,
exactly this is that what I'm searching for, but with the possibility to start a bash script by typing the button. Is there a way to realize this?

what do you mean "by typing the button" ?
Hi, mean when I touch/tap/tip on the button.
Seems it not possible Crying

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