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negative Temperature for

1st: Sorry for my english ...

i have a Problem mit my Sensors "Teknihall GT-WT-02" if the Temperatur goes under 0.00°C i get output over 100°C ...


root@berry:/etc/apt# pilight-receive | jq -c '.' | grep '"id":180'

How can i resolve the Problem ?


Start by using code tags.
same problem with my teknihall receiver (GT-WT02 as well)

[Jan 03 15:57:06:306341] pilight-daemon: DEBUG: broadcasted: {"values":{"cpu":0.2398839224967499,"ram":0.6696147692750184},"origin":"core","type":-1,"uuid":"0000-74-da-38-3bfbd6"}
[Jan 03 15:57:07:467760] pilight-daemon: DEBUG: possible teknihall protocol
[Jan 03 15:57:07:467924] pilight-daemon: DEBUG: recevied pulse length of 265
[Jan 03 15:57:07:468005] pilight-daemon: DEBUG: caught minimum # of repeats 1 of teknihall
[Jan 03 15:57:07:468080] pilight-daemon: DEBUG: called teknihall parseRaw()
[Jan 03 15:57:07:472851] pilight-daemon: DEBUG: socket write succeeded: {"message":{"id":204.0,"temperature":97.3,"humidity":87.0,"battery":0.0},"origin":"receiver","protocol":"teknihall","uuid":"0000-74-da-38-3bfbd6","repeats":1}

[Jan 03 15:57:07:477111] pilight-daemon: DEBUG: socket write succeeded: {"message":{"id":204.0,"temperature":97.3,"humidity":87.0,"battery":0.0},"origin":"receiver","protocol":"teknihall","uuid":"0000-74-da-38-3bfbd6","repeats":1}

Could it be a problem in plight with decoding the received data?
At the moment the temperature is about -5.1 degrees

Kind regards
Maybe I have some new insights.
It seems that i have to subtract 102,4 to get the correct value of degrees:

plight says 97.3 = correct value -5.1 degrees
97.2 = correct value -5.2 degrees
97.1= correct value -5.3 degrees ..

May it could be helpful?
Yes, I've put a fix on github. Can you please test it to see if it works? Branch is here: https://github.com/pilino1234/pilight/tr...l-negative
Hello pilino1234,

i downloaded it, and compiled it. But think it doesn't work for me.

[Jan 06 06:58:07:541255] pilight-daemon: DEBUG: socket write succeeded: {"message":{"id":204.0,"temperature":95.3,"humidity":82.0,"battery":0.0},"origin":"receiver","protocol":"teknihall","uuid":"0000-74-da-38-3bfbd6","repeats":2}

[Jan 06 06:58:07:543716] pilight-daemon: DEBUG: broadcasted: {"message":{"id":204.0,"temperature":95.3,"humidity":82.0,"battery":0.0},"origin":"receiver","protocol":"teknihall","uuid":"0000-74-da-38-3bfbd6","repeats":2}
[Jan 06 06:58:07:579972] pilight-daemon: DEBUG: cpu: 1.550844%, ram: 0.655234%
[Jan 06 06:58:07:583302] pilight-daemon: DEBUG: socket write succeeded: {"values":{"cpu":1.5508444545572762,"ram":0.6552337809415952},"origin":"core","type":-1,"uuid":"0000-74-da-38-3bfbd6"}

[Jan 06 06:58:07:585549] pilight-daemon: DEBUG: broadcasted: {"values":{"cpu":1.5508444545572762,"ram":0.6552337809415952},"origin":"core","type":-1,"uuid":"0000-74-da-38-3bfbd6"}
[Jan 06 06:58:10:588210] pilight-daemon: DEBUG: cpu: 0.258489%, ram: 0.655234%
[Jan 06 06:58:10:591115] pilight-daemon: DEBUG: socket write succeeded: {"values":{"cpu":0.2584891603826587,"ram":0.6552337809415952},"origin":"core","type":-1,"uuid":"0000-74-da-38-3bfbd6"}

[Jan 06 06:58:10:593369] pilight-daemon: DEBUG: broadcasted: {"values":{"cpu":0.2584891603826587,"ram":0.6552337809415952},"origin":"core","type":-1,"uuid":"0000-74-da-38-3bfbd6"}
[Jan 06 06:58:13:603265] pilight-daemon: DEBUG: cpu

pilight-daemon -V shows me:
pilight-daemon version v7.0

EDIT: it seems to work now, i downloaded the wrong branch (my mistake)

pilight-daemon -V shows me now:
pilight-daemon version v7.0-8-gb61f442

And the sensors shows now the correct degree (at the momentt -7,1)

Kind Regards
Ok, great! Then I'll make a pull request to get this fix merged Smile
Quote:Ok, great! Then I'll make a pull request to get this fix merged Smile

Thank you pilino1234 for this quick bugfix.

Kind Regards
No problem Smile
Also Thanks from me!!! Perfectly, and quickly response!

By the way, for your pull request:

Official the Sensor has an Range from -15° - +60°, (you can see it here)
your fix by 80° ist perfectly.


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