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2015 - End of year statictics
First of all, happy new year!!!

2015 has turned out to be an even better year for pilight. Version 6 and 7 have been received with much enthousiasm. Mainly because pilight can now be ran on even more platforms (All linux and Windows machine and some routers), partly because of the release of the pilight USB nano. The pilight PCB has also gained a lot of interest and is a nice indication of the innovating strength of the pilight project. wiringX has been released as a separate library and is now being used in a lot of projects (even by our competitors Smile ). pilight 8 is under heavy development but it is almost ready. This version will be the biggest rewrite since pilight started to take shape.

I love to read the already great implementations of pilight like those who have fully automated their lizard terrarium or swimming pools.

Website (unique) visitors (average each month)
Main website: 5792 -> 6133
Forum: 9913 -> 9527
Wiki: 14345 -> 11931
Apt: 4415 -> 6328
Manual: 0 -> 3692 (up since juli)
Download: 0 -> 168 (up since may)
Mainly for the Windows version of pilight

A great trend is the decrease of forum and wiki activity and the increase of our (apt) downloads. An indication that the pilight documentation and ease of use has been increased over the last year.

Part orders (march till december)
Just filters: 49
Full package: 260
Senders/Receiver: 106
USB (both versions): 45 (for sale since may)
PCB (all versions): 35 (for sale since november)
Total: 496

And again, thanks to those who donated!

If someone is curious to more statistics, please ask!

Changed lines and files
Development branche in 2015: 775 files changed, 69082 insertions(+), 49985 deletions(-)
pilight 8 unreleased rewrite codebase: 199 files changed, 22333 insertions(+), 23213 deletions(-)
This excludes libraries such as openzwave and polarssl
Thank you for the nice report also a happy new year from me and the lizards.

.jpg   lizard.jpg (Size: 109.28 KB / Downloads: 27)
Terrarium:  RPi Model B Rev 2 / pilight 8.1.2 / stretch
Aquarium: RPi Model B Plus Rev 1.2 / pilight 8.0.6 / jessie
Happy new year everyone!

Maybe a nice statistic: How many lines of code were added/changed in pilight in 2015?

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