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Web-GUI Changed to listview.
Dear pilight-friends,

I've been using pilight for a few months now, and it works really great!
After adding some devices and gui-items the other day, everything seemed to be working perfectly. I then (on accident) double-clicked somewhere random on the webGui screen, and now it changed to a kind of list, mobile view. Does anybody know how to get the side-by-side view back? It's probably a really stupid question, but I just can't figure it out.

Hi, works best with a not-too-quick double-click between the title box and content table, or check for this setting in your pilight.conf:
"registry": {
                "webgui": {
                        "tabs": 1
Hope this helps.

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You can press 'h' to open the help menu in the webgui, it has a keyboard shortcut for switching between the two views.

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