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Raspberry Pi 2
I have just migrated from Raspi B+ to Raspi 2.
I use the same SD card and it works fine... except the start of the daemon after booting.
After the Raspi starts I must manually start pilight. I read, that it can help if I place a wait time in the init script. Unfotunally it doesn't work. In an other thread I read, it can be, that the pid file is not removed. But I don't know, how to fix this. Is there any work around, to start the daemon at boot time?
Yes, I've seen this happen too. But as the RPis here don't reboot often it isn't usually a problem Wink
What you can do is to add this to /etc/rc.local:
service pilight stop
sleep 5
service pilight start
exit 0
Running RPI2 with wheezy and pilight 7.0 with no problem since about 4 weeks ... only I had yesterday a stopping of pilight. Don't see the reason, the log files don't have any indications.

Assuming it was not a user error, how to analyze that situation? Which log-files to check/list and maybe setting a more detailed logging?
You could try running it in a gdb session.
No question would be possible .. but I would like to review the "standard" pilight log files .. could you please individually name then here, thanks.
Looked in the manual, no success for that.
It is in the manual Wink

On that page you'll also find the setting to increase the log-level just below the one where you define the path to a log file.

Check /var/log/pilight.log and /var/log/pilight.err (if that exists).
Upps, thanks! My fault .. didn't noticed it's with "Settings" Angry

OK, here is a snapshot of syslog with some "problem" lines I guess.
See attachment with Jan 08 until 18:41 successfully connected with 2 devices, failed at 23:53
and reconnected at 23:53 a few secs later.

Maybe it helps.

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